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Earn GREEN POINTS with sustainable products from Turriff Printing.

Sustainable branding refers to the practice of creating and promoting a business in a way that aligns with environmental and social responsibility. It involves integrating sustainability principles into your brand identity, messaging, and marketing strategies. Here are some sustainable ways to brand your business:

1. Define your sustainability values: Clearly articulate your brand's sustainability values and purpose. Identify the environmental and social issues that are important to your business and incorporate them into your brand story.

2. Use sustainable materials: Opt for eco-friendly materials in your packaging, promotional materials, and office supplies. Choose recycled, biodegradable, or renewable materials whenever possible.

 Double-wall insulated tumbler with twist-on lid. The outer layer of the tumbler is made from recycled plastic. Tumbler features a full colour wraparound design moulded to the product, making it long-lasting and durable. EN12875-1 compliant, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe. Volume capacity is 350 ml. Mug is fully recyclable. Mix and match colours to create your perfect mug. Made in the UK. Packed in a home-compostable bag. BPA-free. PP Plastic.
Brite-Americano® 350 ml insulated tumbler - Yellow- 30 GREEN POINTS

3. Design a sustainable visual identity: Create a visual identity that reflects your commitment to sustainability. Use colors, symbols, and images that convey nature, eco-friendliness, and social responsibility.

4. Provide transparent and ethical information: Be transparent about your sustainability practices, including your supply chain, manufacturing processes, and labor conditions. Clearly communicate your commitment to ethical sourcing, fair trade, and responsible production.

5. Emphasise your sustainable products or services: Highlight the sustainability features and benefits of your products or services. Clearly communicate how they help customers reduce their environmental impact or contribute to social causes.

6. Engage in cause marketing: Collaborate with environmental or social organizations to create cause-related marketing campaigns. Donate a portion of your profits to a cause or support local community initiatives.

 The Niagara short sleeve men's t-shirt is perfect for any active occasion. Made from 100% breathable and moisture-wicking 145 g/m² polyester fabric this t-shirt helps keep you cool and dry. The raglan sleeves and heat transfer neck label give extra freedom of movement while not irritating the skin. To stay safe, reflective details have been added for extra visibility. Mesh with cool fit finish of 100% Polyester, 145 g/m2.
Niagara short sleeve men's cool fit t-shirt - Yellow- 40 GREEN POINTS

7. Educate and inspire: Use your brand's platform to educate your audience about sustainability and inspire them to make positive changes. Share tips, resources, and stories that encourage sustainable practices and lifestyles.

8. Encourage customer participation: Involve your customers in your sustainability efforts. Encourage them to provide feedback, share their ideas, and participate in recycling or upcycling programs.

9. Leverage digital platforms: Utilise digital channels to communicate your sustainability initiatives. Use social media, blogs, and email marketing to share your brand's sustainability stories, achievements, and challenges.

10. Measure and communicate your progress: Regularly measure and assess your sustainability performance. Set goals and targets for improvement and communicate your progress to your stakeholders. Use sustainability reports or certifications to showcase your commitment to sustainable practices.

Besides being an office essential, the Spectrum notebook is also a great item to promote any brand. The hardcover notebook consists of cardboard covered with a soft touch PVC cover. The 96 lined responsibly sourced sheets of 60 g/m² are ideal for jotting down quick ideas or long notes. The A6 reference size is practical, as it fits smoothly into the average bag and is easy to hold. The ribbon of the bookmark and the elastic closure are in the same colour. PU Plastic.
Spectrum A6 hard cover notebook - Yellow- 40 GREEN POINTS

Remember, sustainable branding is not just about greenwashing or superficial marketing tactics. It requires a genuine commitment to sustainability throughout your business operations and value chain. By incorporating sustainable principles into your branding strategies, you can attract environmentally and socially conscious customers and differentiate your business in a competitive marketplace.

If you would like to discuss with us eco friendly products and how they can help to cut your carbon emissions to zero then send an email, pop in past or give us a call. We would be happy to help you choose the right products for your business.

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